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I Don’t Have a Map For It

Ronald Jenkees – Days Away


available at ronaldjenkees.com, ronaldjenkees.bandcamp.com itunes, amazon

Gone are the footloose and defancified extended jams of Disorganised Fun.

This will make no sense to you dear reader. How can this be? Isn’t busting out the jams with pure egoless passion the essence of the Jenkster, and what makes him the magnet for our stilted western world wearied digitally dominated souls? Alliteration.

Days Away harnesses the jam. The result? Much better chunes.

Instead of a “beat” and a “jam” there is a continuous landscape with themes born of jam weaving instead like thick constrictors in and out of the sinuous undergrowth, through dense urban jungles and fuzzy hybrid vistas.

Disorganised Fun had some absolutely fantastic jams (Remain in a State of Crunchiness or Projecting Combustion for example), but the backing beats were just that. If anything, for me at least, clinging on to the neo hip hop drum machine sounds is probably the rope bridge joining the past with the present. Me, I am truly thankful when beat makers cross this bloody bridge and discover hi hats and snares are not one dimensional instruments.

(In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to pontificate: Oh ye of little faith in natural drum sound! Throw away your shakers, unplug your sideband, scale back that compression from ‘BLUDGEON’ to ‘warm’ . For the lord has given us ears to hear between the almighty 1 and O)

Days Away takes a step forward and up and at ninety degrees to x,y,z and t. Which is how the pros do it. It may look like the jam spring was capped, but in fact it was instead somehow channelled underground… and the land is thriving.

You couldn’t find the old well if you tried. But why would you want to, if the land provides bounty and you never get thirsty?


The Power of Encyclopedias

I work as a researcher in material science. English is the working language, but in my corner most of the experts are not native speakers. I just read the following in a high quality publication, in a chapter written by one Kai F. Karhausen:

Encyclopedias describe a ‘model’ as being an “Auxiliary presentation, occasionally also one idealized; simplifying description of physical processes in order to grasp the characteristics esteemed substantially”

Dear Kai F. Karhausen,
As one forced to tangle daily with the meathook realities of the materials simulation world, I can readily admit that from time to time we must each of us acknowledge certain ‘characteristics’, as you delicately put it; some even that we may esteem, some perhaps, if I may be so bold, substantially so; but even if the editor thinks waterboarding is a form of surfing, applying the technique to definitions is still torture.
Yours sincerely, etc.

Free as a flying squirrel

Deek is a funny guy, possibly even a good comedian. I find his shtick funny anyway.
Up to a point that is. It seems to me he actually beleives some of what he says.
Racoons have more freedom than humans… oh for fuck’s sake.
They can go where they want, do what they want, eat what they want, and pay nothing for it. No taxes, mortgages, bosses, wars.
What a revelation. And so true! Oh god human life is just so restrictive!
Why does this piss me off so much? Why should you care? You don’t care! But I do, so fuck you!
Anyway, here’s a few candidates why this video obtains my goat:
– agriculture, animal husbandry
– clean drinking water
– security, rule of law, private property
– healthcare, low child mortality
– literacy, education
– social welfare
– cheap energy
– artistic/ cultural expression
Of course not every human in the world is fortunate to have access to all of these fruits of human society. The system is broken in lots of ways and lots of places.
But here’s the thing: a lot of us are free to avail of most of the above. And hopefully, with time, all of us will be.
More to the point: all of us are already equally free to strip off naked, wander into the woods, and forage for nuts and slugs and experience the visceral freedom of the racoon. The racoon is stuck with being a racoon.

Forget the garden of Eden – the Evergreen Forest is where it’s at!!


“but no we’re not” you might say, “we’ll get arrested, shot, eaten etc”. Yes probably. As freely as a racoon. Though indeed Racoon is smaller and less of a threat to humans and bears, so I do fancy his chances more.
Its funny, but if Deek is really beleives this horseshit, why in fuck’s name is he making youtube videos in his living room? Tear off those shackles, there’s no time to waste!

Short, fat and sweaty wins the race

The scene: a busy canteen, a large queue of hungry people, meatballs.

United statesman (to friend): “I think I’ll get the meatballs.”

Me: “sorry, the queue begins over there”

United statesman (matter of factly): “we just came up.”

Explanation: the United statesman “just came up” the stairs,i.e. just arrived in the canteen (on the first floor), and cut 70% of the queue, according to the unwritten rule “if the queue does not start at the top of the stairs, jump in wherever you feel like it; parry any vocalised attempts to bring alternative understandings to your attention (natural resistance to body language cues assumed) with a simple statement of the facts regarding the recentness of your arrival; display the capacity for shame of a turnip or similar root vegetable”

the quelling eye

Cathal Rodgers – The forever war


It was shadowy and silver lit by undulating moonlight. It was cool and silent as the tomb or as when snow has fallen– but there was no snow, and no cold.

A damp smell, lichen and moss on old brickwork . A damp feel in the air, but the air was fresh and wholesome.

Unseen clouds flowed overhead, modulating the moonlight; brushy trees swayed noiselessly, framing a childhood familiar road and guarding rooftops. And yet everything was transfixed, motionless, empty and eternal.

It was terrifying.

It was indescribably beautiful.

And it was utterly godforsaken.

I wanted to stay, but I knew I couldn’t.

Oscillate my timbers

Com Truise РGlawio  <Galatic Melt; 2011 ghostly international>

Cast ye off any repulsion of faddy retro futurism. Arr.

For some reason young Comas can make brutally compressed 80’s sounding synth drums, ridiculous double time hi hats and deft but equally blatant splashes of this and that – a scratch sample here, a pfunk keyboard note bendy thing there- mesh in an addictive organic groove.

Yeah, what the f am I talking about?

Well for me is unusual that such conviction can come across in electronic music; its like everything is being played by musicians with high strength bionic appendages.

Its awesome, its groovy, it sounds good up loud.

It captures that feeling of futurism the way that green text on a black background still does for computers in scifi films. Only here you have the benefit of not having to actually watch a scifi, which would usually be shit.

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